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At Medical Solutions not only do we bring the most highly dedicated, trained staff, we can also bring the hospital to the event. We have the specialist equipment to deal with most medical scenarios in the event field such as a fully equipped field hospital with state-of-the-art patient monitoring, Ultrasound machine, X-Ray unit so that possible fractures can be ruled out, this not only eases the pressures on the local hospitals but allows staff and visitors to be treated more promptly. If there is a fracture identified, then our fully trained staff are able to set the fracture in a cast and produce a digital copy of the image so that follow up care can be streamlined. We also have a mobile command and control unit that allows us to liaise with the event management team and medical staff so that we can respond to medical emergencies efficiently. The command-and-control unit has resource mapping and radio communications equipment to enable us to reach medical staff even on large scale events.