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What we do

Our dedicated planning team will work closely with the client and organisers to understand the medical requirements of the event. A risk assessment will be drafted based on information of the event and approved guidance policies to provide you with the correct level of medical cover so that health and safety requirements are met and that key stakeholders such as the Health and Safety Executive and local authorities are satisfied.

What we can provide

Our highly experienced multidisciplinary team of professionals are on hand to provide the correct level of care that is required for your event, these include: -

  • • Advanced First Aiders
  • • FREC (First Response Emergency Care) 3
  • • FREC (First Response Emergency Care) 4
  • • AAP (Associate Ambulance Practitioner)
  • • EMT (Emergency Medical Technician)
  • • Paramedic
  • • Critical Care Paramedic
  • • Nurse
  • • Nurse Practitioner
  • • ACP (Advanced Clinical Practitioner)
  • • Anaesthetist
  • • Doctor
  • • Radiologist
  • • Sonographer
  • • Loggist
  • • Controller/Dispatcher
  • • ELT Controller
  • • Bronze Commander
  • • Silver Commander

01 About

We are also able to provide the following vehicles and equipment to any event:-

Ambulance Image Placeholder

Frontline specification fully equipped Ambulances

6x6 Image Placeholder

6x6 All-terrain with built-in stretcher

4x4 Buggy Image Placeholder

4x4 All-terrain buggy with rescue stretcher trailer

Quad Bike Image Placeholder

4x4 Quad Bikes

Mobile X-Ray Vehicle Image Placeholder

Mobile X-Ray Vehicle

Command & Control Vehicle with state-of-the-art communications equipment

Command & Control Vehicle with state-of-the-art communications equipment

RRV Image Placeholder

RRV’s (Rapid Response Vehicle) cars