Are Ambulance UK CQC compliant and accredited?

Yes, we are fully CQC compliant and adhere to the five CQC standards (safe, effective, caring, responsive, and well-led) and key lines of enquiry. To view our latest CQC inspection report, follow this link [hyperlink inspection report, if available].

Does Ambulance UK cater to last minute bookings?

Yes, we provide for last minute bookings. We have an emergency ambulance service and medical support ready for such instances.

Does Ambulance UK keep my personal information?

Ambulance UK is GDPR compliant and will not keep or use personal information in any manner that conflicts with the reason for which the information was asked for. The personal details we request are solely for the purpose of carrying out contracted care. Ambulance UK will also only keep these details for as long as it takes to accomplish the objectives for which it was requested. Please email us via email address or call 03305550000 if you have any enquiries or concerns about how your information is being used.

Can I make specific requests, for example, a male or female only crew, for my event?

Yes, we do accommodate specific requests, and will consider all requests as we have availability. However, we will require advance planning to implement most of the requests, so booking some time ahead to enable us do so will be ideal.